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KompaMusic.Net is a social network website for the Haitian community to get together and discuss the Haitian culture kompa music industry, and to also give an opportunity for up and coming artists and groups to expose themselves. Every opinion and feedback's matters. No matter how you may want to express yourself, KompaMusic.Net gives you the opportunity to do so while chatting, making friends, watching kompa music video's, checking out up coming kompa events and artists,"Fet Base". Our Kompa Magazine Coming Soon
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Who's online? You never know who may be on the chat line while you are chatting. Get acquainted with people from different countries and learn about Kompa.
Watch Videos!
While making new friends, our Video database includes a variety of videos from everywhere. Do not miss out on anything.
Learn about the Industry!
Learn more about the celebrities and support our industry.
A place for you and your family to get acquainted with and make new friends!
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  • Talk and learn about Haitian Music!
  • Learn more about our culture!
  • Make new friends!
  • Express yourself freely!
  • Share your ideas!
  • Get creative!
  • Lean about new upcoming artists
  • Work together!


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